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I'm surprised by the amount of bumble bees & monarch butterflies around for September.

I'm not a fan of Dancing With the Stars. I've only watched it when Adam Carolla was on, a couple of seasons ago. But wow, Chaz Bono is going to kill (in a positive way) their ratings.

If having an operation and/or taking medication for the rest of someones life to change their gender is what it takes, so be it. You can't seriously believe that anyone in their right mind came to that decision lightly.

Our time is too short to not have some inner peace. I know, in a different way what it's like to not be happy with your life, not be happy in your own skin.

I want to be happy and content in the life that I have now. I want the same for everyone. Being miserable is not a way to live your life.

Some groups, I won't name (and you can look them up if your interested) them believe that changing your body, in any form is an abomination against god. He made you the way you are and you should be happy. My question, 'Is your mind not part of your body?' We know the mind controls everything, our emotions, thoughts, actions. Does god want us to suffer, to such extremes our entire life? Not have happiness, contentment?

The other argument is children will be confused. How will they know Chaz was a woman, unless the adults keep talking about it? Younger children (most) will see the short hair, and facial hair and assume this = a man.

If you don't agree, nothing anyone says is going to change your mind. But the show will go on.

A simple solution: Don't watch the show if it offends your sensibilities.

I'm just sick of people worrying about other people and the choices they make in your life. If it's not affecting your life, move on. Just my personal ramblings.

What are your thoughts?

Song of the Day:Take Me Home - No Jacket Required 'Take Me Home' - Phil Collins, 1985, No Jacket Required, Atlantic Records.

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