Daily Archives: September 12, 2011

Being sick blows. I think more so when you pride yourself on being able to will away a sickness. Or at least stop it in in tracks. Yes, I think this is possible.

Well this time sickness snuck up on me and slapped me down the stairs.

I'm doing everything that I can to get rid of it but it doesn't seem to be doing anything but give temporary relief.

  • Greasy Vicks VapoRub at night. I have to get the creme if I can find it anywhere. The stickiness drives me almost as crazy as the symptoms I'm trying to alleviate.
  • Sipping ginger tea throughout the day. Which does work to sooth any pain or scratchiness in the throat. Just be careful if you are experiencing diarrhea, it can make it worse.
  • Drinking a lot of water.
  • Oil of oregano. Burns like an acid drip. And I'm using the one mixed in olive oil, not the straight dragon fire variety. It has great antibacterial properties.
  • Buckley's, which I held off using until day 3. Good for nighttime when the coughing resumes. I never thought it tasted as bad as other people did. Just chug it and move on.
  • Changing my toothbrush every few days or less.
  • Changing my sheets every day.
  • Spraying every surface that I've touched with Lysol. The coughing fits from the spray have been great.
  • Washing my hands or using hand sanitiser, constantly.

You know what else really blows about being sick? Having to make your own food. I think I was offered tea, once. People really didn't believe I was sick until day 3. I guess saying I felt like a truck ran over my head, several times throughout the day wasn't convincing enough.

One positive thing was my cat Kai, draped herself on me all afternoon, Saturday & Sunday. She never does that anymore. Mind you every time I sneezed it scared the crap out of her. Every time I blew my nose she looked at me like I was growing a second head. That's okay though at least she stuck around.

Just enjoying her time until duty calls

I didn't have any miso paste on hand, but I had vegetable stock, seaweed, fresh ginger and other assorted vegetables. Ready in 15 minutes. I couldn't remember the time that seaweed is supposed to simmer for, so it was a guess. Tasted delicious.

Asian inspired soup

Than the stuff that took about an 1.5 hours. Everyone else could eat it at their own risk and they did.

Used the rest of the vegetable stock, chicken stock, sweet & white potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, herbs, other stuff I can't remember.

The heartier version

I hate taking antibiotics. But if it doesn't go away soon I may end up having to get some.

I hate being sick. I don't have the time, and people need me (including myself. More to come on that later) to be at full strength. So I'm going to ride this out, stop fighting it and just be more proactive so it's at least another 5 years before I inhale another virus.

What do you do to combat your virus/cold symptoms?

Song of the Day:Fantasy (Featuring O.D.B.) - #1's  Fantasy, Mariah Carey (Featuring O.D.B),1995, Daydream, Columbia Records.

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