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The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis is the first of the "Falco Series". The Silver Pigs, like the majority of audiobooks that I listen to, is read by a full cast. Which to my ears makes a tremendous difference in my enjoyment of the title. Between the multiple voices and sound effects of running feet running along the narrow alleyways of ancient Rome. To the skin breaking on grapes as Falco shoots the breeze with his best friend Petronius Longus. It's like watching a movie without being tied down to a chair.

We are formally introduced to Marcus Didius Falco in the start of this series. A playboy informer who gets more than caught up in his work. Often bringing home clients, resulting in both good and bad times for him. Even through these ups and downs he gets the job done, more often with plenty of bruises and some broken bones.

Detective work in another era is quite fascinating. No computers, printers, telephones. Going to another city for inquiry meant traveling for weeks or months at a time, not just a quick day trip.

We are also introduced to his interesting family members including his overbearing and often insulting mother. He also meets an interesting female character who plays an important part in his life.

I have the actual cd and the digital version of the Silver Pigs. I always like to have a hard copy in case somethings happens out there in cyber-world. You can purchase the cd or book online at Amazon, Alibris  or the e-copy at KOBO. Or if your inclined to, support your local bookstore. It may cost a bit more but it helps keep them in business. Digital copy available through a company like Audible.

The Silver Pigs

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