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I don't have kids and I really enjoy these books. Plus, I have a thing for black cats. They were bought for one of my younger cousins. And they stay at our house so she has something to read and for their self preservation (if you have small kids you understand how rough they can be on books). Don't worry she's not deprived she has enough books at her house for a dozen other kids.

In the Splat collection (click name to check out Splat's page) so far:

  • Love, Splat - A cute story about Splat and his Valentine's crush.
  • Splat The Cat: Back To School, Splat! - Splat's first day back to school.
  • Splat The Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight - Splat goes camping.

Another great thing about children's books is they are half the cost or less than adult literature. Sure, less words but the illustrations are good. Available in soft or hardcover.

It's only a matter of time

If your one to start and finish your Christmas shopping early, hopefully this will help. Amazon is pretty good with getting your orders to you quickly, as long as the product is in stock. The closer you get to Christmas the harder it may be to get any Splat books until after the holidays. Splat even has dinnerware, so cute.

To learn about the author Rob Scotton and all of his books, click on his name. He also has other series besides Splat, which are incredibly cute. Russell the Sheep, Marvellous Mabel and Max and the Canary.

Song of the Day:Kyrie - Broken Wings  'Kyrie' - Mr. Mister, 1985, Welcome to the Real World, RCA. The official Video for Kyrie on YouTube, enjoy!

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