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I'm not a big television viewer. Quite frankly there's not much that interests me. I've seen a couple of interesting new shows this past week (New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel) and they seem okay but I'm not getting my hopes up. Every time I get too involved in a show they cancel it or it conflicts with the few programs that I do watch.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about PBS. I love that station. Even though they can have some long, dry spells and then have fabulous programming for weeks at a time.

This past Saturday night they played a Foreigner concert special and it was so good. I had the volume turned up and I was singing along to all of the songs. I believe this was taped in 2009 and it featured the newish lead singer Kelly Hansen, not former & original lead singer Lou Gramm. Some people probably won't like the change but I thought he sounded great. Kelly can sing, he had a lot of energy on stage, good for him. I would see them in concert if I could get good seats. They interviewed Mick Jones and Kelly Hansen in the studio and shared some fun little stories. If you can catch it, it's a great concert to watch.

Earlier this year they had a program called Black in Latin America. Regarding the slave trade and all the places that it took place, which most of us did not learn in school. A lot of people disagreed with many points brought up in the series. I enjoyed it though. You have to take everything with a grain of salt. Everything is not going to be completely accurate. Especially when dealing with a time period when record keeping was not vital because slaves of any race were not considered people. I was surprised to learn that Mexico had African slaves. Not in the large numbers like many other parts of the world but enough where descendants still feel stigmatized because of their mixed/African heritage.

I can't wait for season 2 of Downton Abbey. Unfortunately it won't air in North America until January of 2012. Helping me work on my patience issues :). It takes place in fictional Downton Abbey, starting in 1916. Deals with the upcoming war, social class, employment issues and all the juicy stuff in between. PBS is currently replaying season 1.

I'm not a fan of the Hercule Poirot or the Miss Marple movies simply because the producers mish-mash several stories into one. I don't like that. I think Agatha Christie's books are exciting enough to carry their own weight.

Upstairs Downstairs was really good as well. I did not see the original version but I don't think I want to after seeing this done so well. Takes place in 1936 the viewers get to see the vast differences in what life is like for the servants and the employers. Comedy, tragedy, and triumph rolled into one. A favourite of mine.

Cranford was an amazing mini-series. Based on novels by Elizabeth Gaskell. Funny, sad, enraging, it had it all. Starts in the early 1840's. Simple and the old way of life in the country versus life in an ever changing and growing industrialized town. Depending on where you live, you may be able to see the series online. Otherwise, you'll most likely have to purchase it or wait for PBS to broadcast it again.

I just realised I have a theme going for enjoying period pieces. What can I say, I would never want to live in those times but they still look intriguing.

What PBS programs do you enjoy?

Song of the Day:Holding Back the Years - Simply Red 25 - The Greatest Hits  Holding Back the Years - Simply Red, 1985, Picture Book, WEA Records/Elektra Records.  Check out this video of the Simply Red with the original members.

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