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When I was younger travel by train was the way to go for our family. Now days not so much. If I had my way I would jump on a plane, even if where I'm going is only 1 hour away. I get bored very easily and all that travel time feels like a waste of time.  But that's how it is, for now.

I had some out of town business to take care of and the train was my only option. In my city Greyhound only runs once in the morning and once in the evening, on Sunday and Friday. That's it. The Robert Q only goes to London and Toronto's airport. VIA Rail travels daily, but again once in the morning, once in the evening. The stop overs can be a nightmare. The longest that I've had to wait was 6 hours. This time it was 4 hours on the way to my destination. A little over an hour on the way back. What happened to being able to get on one train, stop where it needs to and continue on? No, now if your more than an hour away from your destination you are on 2-3 trains.

Trees inside, okay.

The interesting people that kept me awake.

The woman. I'm not making fun of this lady, she is what she is. There's a mural on 3/4 of one wall in the train station. With real purpose, this lady walks up to the wall and starts running her hand up and down it as if she's washing it. From one end and then back to where she started. Smacks her two hands together to get rid of the dust, turns around and walks towards the walkway. I had to see what she was going to do next, so I quickly got up and watched her head towards the washrooms. I could tell this was her daily routine. The people that work there have probably found it's easier to let her do her thing and leave, then to confront her. She wasn't hurting anyone or destroying property, life goes on. I haven't been on the train in a few years but I think I remember her doing that in the past.

The young man. I hope he was an actual basket ball player. Practicing his jump shots, blocks, passing, dribbling the invisible ball. He was at it for a good 15 minutes. I guess he was bored as well. When you have hours to wait, I guess you'll do just about anything.

My pictures. I took some pictures and people probably thought I was weird as well. That's okay though. I'm trying to improve, so I take pictures any chance that I can. The one below is kind of dark, I erased the wrong one from my camera. No problem.


Down the street from the one of the train stations. Fries were not the healthiest but I was hungry & I already ate my healthy stuff during the day. That's grilled chicken on top, a little dry & it could have used more flavour.

What I don't like about train travel in my neck of the woods:

  • the multiple connections when traveling less than 4 hours away.
  • the 4-6 hour wait times between transfers, depending on where your going.
  • not a lot of leg room on the train
  • no matter the time of year, it's always cold in the station and on the train. I wrapped my huge winter scarf around my neck to keep the shivers away.
  • food or lack thereof. If a train station is in the middle of nowhere, it would be nice to have some decent food. Or at least a snack vending machine. The last time I was in my hometown train station, about 3 years ago, it had a snack vending machine.
The lone beverage vending machine, in my hometown train station. That's it folks.

What I don't mind about train travel:

  • nice scenery
  • my motion sickness doesn't bother me, like it does in cars, buses or on boats
  • I can sleep and don't have to be the navigator/map girl
  • I can catch up on reading, audiobooks, work uninterrupted
Finally home after a ridiculously long day.

What's your favourite way to travel?

Song of the Day:Santa Monica - Gasoline Santa Monica - Theory of a Deadman, Gasoline, 2005, 604 Records Inc. Click the here to see  in video (link may not work in all countries, if not just google it & you should find the video somewhere).

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