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Dark & Rainy

It's Friday,  I'm thankful for that. I'm reviewing a Harlequin Super Romance, Finding Her Dad by Janice Kay Johnson. Every once and a while a like to switch up my reading with some lighter, fun material. Romance novels generally fit that bill.

The premise of this novel is about the varieties of families that can be built from using the service of a sperm bank. Something that has been a part of many societies for decades now. I was wondering when a romance novel would use that premise. Here it is.

The donor is supposed to be anonymous. Able to give his donation, move on with life and never have to deal with the offspring again. Not in this case, Jonathan Brenner is living his life, campaigning to become the newest sheriff of town. His unknown, biological, teenage daughter Sierra has recently had her world turned up-side down. Finding her bio-dad is what she feels she needs to do.

Sierra is living with her foster mother Lucy when her search for her bio-dad starts. Lucy is reluctant and worried that Sierra will get hurt. Sierra is willing to take the chance plus she sees romantic possibility between Lucy and Jonathan when they finally meet.

A great read for a cool and rainy weekend or a long trip out of town. Whether your a romance novel fanatic or just a casual reader this is a fun read.

I give Finding Her Dad 4 out of 5.

What are some of your favourite romance authors or recent romance titles?
Finding Her Dad
(I am a e-Harlequin affiliate.)

Song of the Day:La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz) - Single - Shakira La Tortura - Shakira (feat. Alejandro Sanz), 2005, Fijación Oral Vol. 1, Epic. Click here to watch a live performance in video.

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