Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

November is here and I feel like cooking comfort foods. Roasts, stews, chili, pie on the weekend. Hot chocolate after dinner, instead of dessert.

Below are a few of my favourite foods/meals.

Better than the store bought.
Everything in the pan, much simpler.
I like my roasts dark. If it's too pale it looks uncooked, even though I know it's not. A good homemade tomato sauce, veggies & my favourite pasta.

When all else fails or you can't be bothered with too much effort. Rice Krispie treats.

What are some of your favourite/comfort foods. Do you find yourself more willing to cook/bake as the weather cools or do you rely on take-out?

Song of the Day:Fire and Rain - James Taylor: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Fire and Rain - James Taylor, Greatest Hits Volume 1, 1988, Warner Brothers Records, Inc. Watch a live version of Fire and Rain here. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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