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Hot cup of coffee on a windy morning.

World Diabetes Day is today, thanks to the Canadian doctor Sir Fredrick Banting and his colleagues.

Years ago, when my granny came to Canada for one of her visits she went to London, Ontario to see the Flame of Hope, located outside of Sir Fredrick Banting Square. (For those who are not aware the Flame of Hope is a symbol and reminder we still need a cure for diabetes not just a control. When a cure is found the flame will be extinguished.) Something that she didn't know if she would live to see. Diabetes complications took her life too early but for me I'm doing everything that I can to keep the sucker out of my life.

  • I've seen too many people die from diabetes complications.
  • I've seen people suffer unnecessarily from this disease. Whether it was from lack of treatment or non-compliance.
  • I've thankfully seen people live because they followed their medical providers advice and did everything that they could on their part to stay healthy.

Click here to see a list of warning signs for diabetes and learn a little more about the disease.

If you suspect that you have diabetes go to a medical provider and get tested. If left untreated it can keep you very ill or worse, kill you. With treatment and lifestyle modification you can live a normal and productive life.

Are you doing anything for World Diabetes Day or for the remainder of the month?

Song of the Day:Never Too Late - EP - Three Days Grace 'Never Too Late' - Three Days Grace, One-X, 2008, Zomba Records. Click here to see the video. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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