Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

The Castle Series One, (the rest of the series are as equally funny) written by Kim Fuller & Paul Alexander had me hooked from the beginning.  You might recognize the voices of some of the British actors James Fleet or Neil Dudgeon. Set in medieval times, The Castle adds contemporary plots and themes to old time story lines.

Today's popular music played on the lute and the recorder. I sat there listening to the music, knowing that I knew the tune. When I figured out who it was, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a contemporary song could sound just as good on the lute and recorder.

Kings, peasants, maidens in waiting, to farmers are all part of the plot in this funny series. Sassy humour, a little over-acting, jabs at today's 'celebrities', will keep you laughing to yourself on a long drive or while scrubbing the toilet.

*Today is also International Day of Tolerance. A good day to practice for myself. Not anyone else's issues just my own.  I think tolerance has a lot to do with how we perceive what other people are trying to say to us, or do to us. How we react is all part of tolerance, although even the most tolerate humans have their limits.

How's your tolerance for, anything in life? Is it something that you have to work at or are you a pretty tolerant person?

Song of the Day: Everyday People - The Essential Sly & the Family Stone 'Everyday People' - Sly & The Family Stone, The Essential Sly & the Family Stone, 2003, Sony Music Entertainment.

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