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My Soul To Take, by Tananarive Due, the conclusion(?) to the African Immortals Series.

Who decides what is right or wrong for human civilization? Does having immortality & supernatural gifts, give someone rights and privileges over those who don't?

The time as come for the immortal born Fana to take a role of leadership with the Life Brothers, wanted or not. Except she isn't the only immortally born. There is another like her, stronger, older & they are "destined" to be mates & lead together. Fana is content with intermingling with mortals, helping & healing them with her gifts. Micheal would do away with them but for the ones he deems worthy. Once they are married they will be even more powerful & lead civilization to a new way of life. Except that Fana thinks she can persuade Michel to come to her side. He thinks the same of her.

Goodness, family & friends on her side, Fana needs them as much as she needs Michel.

Michel is more powerful but it was gained through sinister means & evil people.

Death, betrayal, finding out whose side everyone is on becomes a roller coaster ride in My Soul To Take. Will civilization rise or fall when the Fana & Michel take their "rightful" place in the world?

I'm pretty happy with the conclusion of the series because I thought the storyline was going in a different direction. Mind you I think the characters also thought that they were going in a different direction. I'm constantly humbled & awed by the writing skills of Tananarive Due. Pick up one of her books or borrow one from your local library. If your into thriller &  supernatural genres, you'll be hooked.
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My Soul To Take receives 4.5 out 5. My one issue is with the publishing house not printing this book in hardcover. It kinda of ruins my collection. I don't normally purchase paperback, which proves how much I enjoy Tananarive Due's writing.

The 3 previous books in the African Immortal Series:
Blood Colony: A Novel
The Living Blood
My Soul to Keep

Are you into the thriller/supernatural genre? If so, who are your favourite authors?

Song of the Day:Wasted - Some Hearts Wasted, Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts, 2005, 19 Recordings Limited. See Wasted. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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I think I'm addicted & I've found a new animal that I'd like to add to my farm. I don't know that I'd breed, show, compete or sell the fibre because I'm more into the rescue of animals. I'm sure there are plenty of you reading this, that know of abused, neglected or unwanted animals of every species. Now to the good stuff!

The white Alpaca in the front, was the most vocal at the show. Cute though, & she had pretty blue eyes! I had some good conversations with 3 of the owners at the show. Of course the highlight of the day were the Alpacas but they were also selling their fibre, tools, as well as knitted ware.


This other Alpaca was having so much fun rolling in the hay. The 3 of them, in that inclosure were a mess but funny to watch. I could have stayed there all day.


Did you know that a herd of Alpaca eliminate in pretty much the same spot? So you don't have to worry about them ruining your land. Pretty neat as far as I'm concerned.


The mama is in the front, she's 7. The dark one is a boy. He's still allowed to hang out with the girls because he's not sexually mature yet.


Getting a treat from their handler/owner. Apparently Alpaca feed is pretty simple. Hay, with some mixed food supplements. Protein is low, approximately 12-15%. No stomach issues to worry about.


The cria (baby), I think she was a girl, was born Feb, 15th, 2011. Not during the scheduled breeding season. Her & 2 other cria were a "mistake". A male jumped a fence, during a snowstorm and had a good 6 hours or so of fun before anyone noticed. Apparently owners like to breed them so they have babies in the warmer months.

Did you know that Alpacas are very good at defending themselves? We have a coyote problem in my county but as long as the Alpaca are together, it's not an issue. They will kick & trample to death most predators that come near them. Pretty awesome!

Alpacas are pretty low maintenance. No special/difficult diet required. Able to defend themselves. They don't spit unless they're highly agitated. The fibre is mostly hypoallergenic & so soft. I could go on & on.

Llamas are still good in my books but they are huge in comparison to an Alpaca. Llamas are so much more intimidating to me.

Garden Centre turtles, culled tremendously from my last visit.
Jack the Garden Centre cat. It's the 1st time I've seen him out of his cardboard box & awake.

Are there any animals that once you've seen them in person & learned more about them you were totally smitten?

Song of the Day: L.O.V.E., Jessie J, Who You Are, 2011, Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Lava Music, LLC. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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