Friday is here and…


I'm relieved to no end.

Will I get time off? No, because I have tons of ideas & projects to get done. But that's okay.

I will make my daily list as usual & check off each task as they're completed.

I'm going to try embracing stress, just as I embrace being overly busy. A means to an end. Not always enjoyable but it needs to be done.

  • Get ready for another open house. So much fun...not so much.
  • Have the open house.
  • Get paper work together to do taxes. Possibly do taxes?
  • Work on longer meditation sessions. Needed b/c life has been throwing rocks fast & hard this past week.
  • Work on test recipes. Fun but annoying when they don't taste good enough to eat.
  • Continue editing short story/book. Yeah, I had to put this aside for a while but I'm back on track.
  • Work on website coding issues & blog.
  • Continue my search for more Freelance jobs.
  • Exercise on the weekend, not matter how busy I am. It's hard sometimes. Some weekends I have no desire to put on the sneakers and walk.

P.S. I actually won a book this week, from a goodreads contest. The Dead I Know by Scott Gardner & I will do a review of it. Well, it won't come in the mail for 4-6 weeks but hey, it's a book & it's free.

Are your weekends just as busy as your weekdays or do you get to decompress?

Song of the day:So Emotional (2000 Remaster) - The Ultimate Collection So Emotional, Whitney Houston, The Ultimate Collection, 2007, Arista Records LLC. See So Emotional. One of my favourite Whitney Houston songs. I can't really pick a favourite though. RIP, your on your way home. (Links may not work in all countries.)

Till next time,