From Fridays Post.

This weekend was a kind of a bust, but I'm not going to call people out in public. Anything that needs to be said will be done face-to-face. Trying to be a better person and all.

I didn't get time off.

Made my daily to-do list but a lot was left unchecked.

Open house was moved. Read beginning of post.

Taxes not even touched.

Meditation, thought about but that's it.

No testing of recipes.

No book editing.

Some coding/blog issues were resolved.

No search for Freelance work was done.

Exercise was done at a bare minimum.

I'm not happy but most of what did not happen was out of my control. So I've let go of anger & frustration & there was plenty of it. I must move on. I'm putting my energy towards positive & productive action. That's it & that's all. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!