Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

One of my Mood Lifters/Shifters is music. It makes me happy. When I start dancing in my seat or bobbing my head, I know it's a ML/S.

Singing is another ML/S that also makes me happy. In public, not so much. But it's a mood shifter so I like to sing when I don't have an audience.

My MP3 player died a few months ago, so I think this is contributing to the lack of music on a daily basis. I think I went into withdrawal for a while. Then I got use to not having an MP3. Now I need one again. Another electronic device to research & debate over. It'll be another decade before I can decide.

Sometimes I forget about the all-purpose healing power of the music that I love. How I can forget about this boggles my mind. The feelings I get from music & singing is very euphoric. I can feel the good energy & good vibes in the air around me. The only bad thing is it cuts into my bed time if I remember too late in the day. Before I know it, the clock is reading 1 or 2 am.

Reasons to utilize ML/S:

  • When I'm stressed with work.
  • When I'm overwhelmed with life in general.
  • When I need a cheap escape from life.
  • When I have pent up energy.

Do you have a Mood Lifter/Shifter?

Song of the Day:Crossover - Magnetic Man Crossover, Magnetic Man & Katy B, 2011, Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited. See a symphony cover of Crossover. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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