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I was a little leery about Anne Rice's latest novel. Mostly because she had never touched werewolves in her stories before. Would she totally massacre what I know the werewolf to be?

Nope, after all she's Anne Rice. She put her own spin on the werewolf and succeeded.

The Wolf Gift. I'm not an expert on werewolves by any means but I loved how Anne Rice gave her werewolves the ability to retain their rational, human thought processes when they were transformed. With this, they are able to recall everything that occurred while they were in werewolf form.

23 year old reporter Reuben, is interviewing for his next story, when he's bitten by a werewolf. He should have died like everyone else, but he is spared. The changes begin, and Reuben figures out on his own what he has become. He must learn everything about his new self. Find out who bit him, and why he was spared?

Reuben also has to deal with how the guilt of his secret may damage the lives of the few people he has told. Along with this, he has the guilt of taking human lives, whether they deserved death or not.

What I didn't need:

The killing and eating of prey/humans was kind of disgusting. But I get that the author wanted you to imagine the scenes in your mind.

What could have taken 2 minutes to say often took 10. A little long winded, in some parts.

What I liked:

The moon does not control when the werewolves change their form. They can change at will, with practice.

Anne Rice's werewolves can smell the intent of a person. Whether they are good or evil, and this determines whether they live or die.

They can not shed innocent blood. Or they shouldn't.

Werewolves can live forever, like vampires. They've been around since the beginning of  man. There are a lot of other secrets, but you have to listen to or read the book to know them all.

I give The Wolf Gift 4 out of 5. It would have gotten a better rating if it had a full-cast, instead of just 1 person (Ron McLarty) narrating it. I do like his reading style, but it's just not the same as a full cast.

The Wolf Gift is also available in book form.

Would you read or listen to The Wolf Gift? Did you like Anne Rice's take on the werewolf?

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