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Originally published, March 18th 2012.

Cat grass, safe & delicious, for cats!
Lily of the Valley. Nice but deadly to pets & humans.

Spring is almost here. Don't forget about your pets. They'll be spending more time outdoors. Along with more time awake because of the longer daylight hours. This can mean more time to get into bottles, bags & boxes that they shouldn't.

Plants are coming up. More flowers are being brought into the house. Bug sprays are being purchased. Soon lawns may be sprayed for weeds & grubs.

If your pet rolls around in fertilizers or freshly sprayed lawns, you need to clean their fur. Especially cats because they will lick off whatever isn't supposed to be there. Change your fertilizer to a non-toxic variety or request this from your lawn care service.

Do a walk around of your house & yard to make sure nothing is left open or lying around.

Calla lily, also deadly. On the top of my desk where Kai the cat, can't reach it.

Common household dangers to most pets, if not all:

  • Candy, gum & a variety of products we use everyday. The common ingredient, Xylitol. In dogs, it can cause weakness, along with other symptoms & liver failure.
  • Aloe Vera plant. Common in many households & used for medicinal purposes. Toxic to cats & dogs, if ingested. I do have an Aloe Vera plant but I keep it out of Kai the cats leaping range.
  • Human medications left on a counter. A lot of our medication is bitter tasting. Many cats, like bitter tasting things. It just takes a minute so keep medications out of your pets reach.
  • Aerosol sprays & birds do not mix. The gases from the sprays are toxic to birds. Whether it's air freshener, bug spray, or furniture polish. Open the windows, cover the cage. Or better yet remove your feathered friends from the room for a couple of hours.
  • Let's not forget about our reptilian companions. Especially if you let them run loose around your house. They like most animals will taste or eat whatever you have lying around. Old cigarette butts, alcohol, old food, etc.

If you suspect that your animal has been poisoned call your vet, emergency vet services or one of the numbers listed below. It doesn't take long for them to go down hill.

Pet Poison HelpLine in Canada, U.S & Caribbean, 1(800) 213-6680.

Animal Poison Control Center in the U.S. 1(888) 426-4435.

Check out the ASPCA's page on the Top 10 Pet Toxins of 2011, for a more detailed list.

Crocus. One of the 1st signs of Spring but deadly.

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Originally published on Kai & Friends, March 12th 2012.

I heard about this from my veterinarians office. At first I thought that Kai had fleas and I didn't want her to go through that misery again. So this is what was suggested to me.

Dermoscent (I was not paid for this & I purchased it with my own money) is a little like magic. Made in France by Laborotoire de Dermo, distributed by AVENTIX ANIMAL HEALTH Corporation. For cats or dogs. A box of 4 for $20, plus tax. Once a week for the 1st month.

Now it's just maintenance, every 2 weeks for the next month. Then just as needed, which I'm sure I won't need until the weather gets cold again and the central heating gets turned back on.

Week 1 of treatment

That's just some coconut oil I was putting on her ears to help soothe her ears until I found out about Dermoscent.



Week 2 of treatment- Still a mess to look at but the scratching had stopped.

Week 3 of treatment

The bald spots were slowly being filled in.

The bald spots on her muzzle grew in faster then her ears. The itching also seems to stop sooner here then on her ears.

I had to change the application spot from between the shoulder blades to an inch or 2 above. She was able to lick off the treatment in week 2, from between her shoulder blades with ease. She tries but she can't get to the back of her skull.

Week 4 of treatment

The bald spots are filled in. It will probably be a couple more weeks before the hair on her ears is fully grown in.


All the bald spots on her muzzle are filled in nicely. I was afraid she was going to scratch her whiskers off. No one wants a bald cat, unless they start off like that 🙂

The smell is great. If you like essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, or clove, just to name a few, you'll love this scent. Even after the oil dissipates throughout the fur, the smell stays.

Have you tried Dermoscent before? What did you think of the product? If you do in the future, let me know your thoughts.

Till next time,