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Originally published March 22nd 2012.

I'm starting Kai's flea prevention early this year & I'll be ending late because I do not want a repeat of last year. Flea treatment usually starts in June, around my part of the country, this year I'm starting April 1st. Change that. I started March 19th. For several days before than Kai was scratching way more than she usually does. I am not having a repeat of last year.

There also hasn't been a proper deep freeze this winter, at least where I live. Therefore eggs & flea adults are still alive. Plus the soil in my area is very sandy, again a vacation spot for fleas.

Imagine this but covering both ears & parts of her face, weepy & crusty.

I'm using Revolution for cats. Which protects against fleas, controls dermatitis from the bites; eggs; ear mites; heart-worm; hookworm & round worm disease. The Revolution for dogs does NOT protect against hookworm & roundworm disease. Revolution should not be used on dogs under 6 weeks & cats under 8 weeks of age. Or on dogs & cats who are  pregnant, or sick.

I've tried the natural treatments, that you spray around the doors, windows, on the fur, collar, etc. The ones with the essential oils such as orange oil or tea tree oil. They worked for Kai's first 1.5 years or maybe I was just lucky. I'm not saying that I'll never try these home remedies for flea treatment again, but it won't be this season. I'm not feeling guilty because I use natural remedies for most of everything else I use/give her.

I will say that Revolution smells bad. It has a very strong odour, like what I assume they use to spray on farmers fields 50 years ago, for bug control.

Same application spot as previous skin treatment.

I don't like what it does to Kai's fur. It's almost like it disintegrates the hair follicle. I'm a little vain & quite proud of how soft & shiny her fur is. On day 4, the fur on the application spot has already lost it's shine & some colour. So I guess she'll have a bald spot until the end of flea season or her body gets used to the treatment. (Apparently 1% of cats experience temporary hair loss where the Revolution was applied. I did not know that.)

Good news: Her excessive scratching resolved itself within 24 hours. So I suspect some critter had already jumped aboard. Welcome to Spring.

Information on Revolution for Cats.

Information on Revolution for Dogs.

The look of betrayal after putting the stinky stuff on her fur

Do you use commercial flea prevention treatments or do you go the natural route?

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