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At least the trees are blooming.

The weekend was quite and uneventful.

My first contest is over, and it was a dismal failure. That's okay, I'm sucking it up. I know the topic wasn't light reading. Anyway, onward to the next.

I smashed the hell out of my baby toe, yesterday afternoon and have been limping around ever since. This is not the hurt that I can normally walk off and forget the pain is there. This pain is here to stay for awhile. I will not suck it up because the impact dropped me to my knees. I swear the toe is broken. It's bloody, swollen, and painful. How do you not move your toes, when they automatically flex with every step you take? Okay, I'm done whining.

Gloomy start to the week, but the rain is needed. Especially if the forecast for SWO (South-Western Ontario) is correct and it will be 81 degrees on Thursday. What's up mother nature? Frost one week, sweltering heat the next.

One of my many all time favourite songs. I loved it when it came out in 1990, and I still love it today. Playing it while writing this post made me forget about my contest failure & my busted toe.

I hope everyone has a productive and good week!

Song of the Day:Around the Way Girl - All World - Greatest Hits Around The Way Girl, LL Cool J, All World - Greatest Hits, 1996, The Island Def Jam Music Group Inc. See a live version of Around The Way Girl. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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Gardening, sort of relaxing but not. All I can think about is my poor back. One good thing is my daily exercise is out of the way.

The rose bushes are coming to life.

Kai got her outdoor time. Trying to sneak up on the Robins without them hearing her, is not possible with her bell on. Poor Kai.

Kai wishing she could chase the squirrels & birds

Filled the multiple bald spots with grass seed & soil.

Pretty bad in some areas

Changed the compost spot. And restarted the compost for the year. I can't remember why we stopped. Not very green, I know. I'm working on it.

I found wire hangers & plastic in them. Seriously!

Took a lot of pics. Practice, makes as perfect as I can get.

1 of 2 rhubarb plants are growing nicely.
The Lilacs are smelling so good. It's hard to find flowers that smell good or at all.

Do you enjoy yard work or  do you wish you could hire someone do take care of it?

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Song of the Day: See My Kind of Love, by Emeli Sande, Our Version Of Events, 2011, Virgin Records Ltd. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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