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In Canada April, is Oral Health Month, so I'm trying out a new toothpaste. Well, new to me.

My sister's been raving about these Toothy Tabs by LUSH for months now, so I'm giving them a try & doing a review.

Left: Crest that I use. Right, Toothy Tabs

I reviewed 3 varieties of Toothy Tabs. Chou Chou, Dirty, and Sparkle. 0.3 oz of tablets, per box of Toothy Tabs. Currently there are 7 varieties to choose from.

Chou Chou:

  • Very foamy
  • Can feel, texture & taste of baking soda
  • Lemon scent prominent during brushing & after brushing of teeth
  • Teeth feel clean
  • Breath is lemony fresh. Not sure if I like lemony breath.

I give Chou Chou 2/5


  • Very foamy
  • The scent is much more subtle
  • More of a smell & taste of paste/gel toothpaste. I couldn't pick it out, but the container said Spearmint.
  • Teeth feel clean
  • Breath smells clean, no particular scent.

I give Dirty 4/5


  • Very foamy
  • Too aromatic, like Chou Chou, maybe a little more.
  • I could feel the pepper, right away on my tongue. The tingles lasted for about 5 minutes after I finished brushing. The tingling is not unbearable.
  • Breath is very aromatic

I give Sparkle 2/5

Would I buy it again? For everyday use, no. For traveling, camping (not that I camp) yes.

Have you tried Toothy Tabs, or would you?

A little throwback: Does anyone remember the Toothbrush Family & the jingle. Created in the 70's & replayed throughout the 80's. I've asked to many times over the years & people look at me like I'm crazy. Go to the 1:53 minute mark to hear thee song. Ah, it brings back memories. Enjoy!
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