Designer/Pricey Pet Toys Or Not

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Expensive pet toys. Are they really necessary? Don't get me wrong, I saw the latest products that Martha Stewart has rolled out & they're very nice. But I can tell you I won't be purchasing any of her or other pet product brands unless they are at least 50% off. Anyone with pets knows how they can tear apart a toys in a few hours.

Several weeks ago I discovered a pet section, small but there, at the local $ store. Who knew? I didn't. For me the dollar store is where I buy light bulbs, duck tape, gum, things of that nature. At the pet stores you can easily spend 4-5 times that amount for almost the same item.

The food dispenser that I found has 2 sizes of square openings to put the treats in. You can twist the ball, to vary the size of the 2 openings. The bottom opens up & you just drop in the food or treats. Turn until you hear a click.

After letting Kai at the dispenser, I discovered that she has officially grown into her grown-up, cat self. If the opening I choose is too small, she gives up & lies down. If I'm in the room, she looks up at me, meows, and rubs up against my legs. Like I'm supposed to get her treats out for her.

I give the Active Eats, Toy & Dry Food Dispenser 4 out of 5 & a No Thanks to expensive pet toys, unless they're on sale.

Do you get the cheapest, yet safe, toys for your pets? Or do you go all out, with the name brands & extra expense? Or do you go the homemade route?

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4 thoughts on “Designer/Pricey Pet Toys Or Not

  1. When I've had cats, I've found that a piece of foil dangling from a string or shining a light on the wall was all my cats needed for endless entertainment. Buying an expensive cat toy is kinda like getting your kid a $60 programmable robot spaceship only to have her end up playing with the box and the shrinkwrap instead.

  2. We try stick with what we know works. My dogs have preferences and like some toys WAY more than others, so we try to buy those. We wasted too much $$ on trial and error in the past.

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