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Low-Carb Casserole- Makes 8 servings

1 lb extra lean ground turkey or any ground meat that you prefer

1 tbsp Lea & Perrins

1/4 seeded jalapeno. Leave the seeds in if you want more heat.

2 tbsp fresh parsley, oregano, thyme,chopped

1 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped

2 tsp salt, use as much to season as you like

2 medium zucchini, sliced horizontally

2 medium eggplant, sliced horizontally (I don't salt the eggplant, b/c I don't taste the bitterness, that a lot of people talk about)

1/3 large onion, thinly sliced

2 tsp coconut oil

5 large mushrooms, sliced

1.5 cups tomato sauce, homemade or canned

5 oz old cheddar, reduced fat, thinly sliced or shredded

300 g Ricotta 80% moisture

1-1/4 quart baking dish

1. Cook ground turkey in a medium-large size saute pan, on medium-high heat, until no longer pink. Stirring while cooking to break up ground turkey. When no longer pink add salt to taste, Lea & Perrins, herbs and jalapeno. Cook for about 5 minutes more. Set aside mixture.

2. Saute on high, zucchini slices. About 1.5 minutes per side. Place on metal baking rack to let excess moisture drip off.

3. Saute on high, eggplant slices. About 1.5 minutes per side. Place on metal baking rack to let excess moisture drip off.

4. Cook onions with 1 tsp of coconut oil, until caramelized, on medium heat in same saute pan. About 10 minutes. Set Aside.

5. Cook mushrooms with remaining 1 tsp of coconut oil, until golden brown on medium heat. About 10 minutes. Set aside.

6. Thinly slice or shred cheese. Set aside.

7. Put about 1/3 of tomato sauce on the bottom of the baking dish.

(Just a guideline. Layer in whatever way that you wish.) Half of the zucchini. Half of the onions & mushrooms. Half of the turkey. Half of the Ricotta. 1/3 of the tomato sauce.

8. Start the layering process again. Minus the tomato sauce, because you finished with a layer of sauce. Top with cheddar cheese. Finish with last 1/3 of tomato sauce. Pop in pre-heated oven at 350 F for 25 minutes. Turn around (that's just my oven that one side is hotter than the other) dish bake for another 25 minutes. I put an old baking sheet underneath the baking dish to catch any over spill.

Layer ingredients anyway that you choose. I started with tomato sauce on the bottom.

Take out of oven and let rest for 10 to 15 minutes, loosely covered.

Tastes good, served piping hot or at room temperature. Enjoy!

Nutritional information 218 calories; 10.3 g fat;  807 mg sodium; 11.9 carbs; 3.3 g fibre;  6.3 g sugar; 21.5 g protein

*Salt & sugar can be reduced by using your own homemade tomato sauce & reducing salt that's added during cooking. I used the nutritional info for the average commercial tomato sauce, not my homemade sauce.

*Can easily be changed into a vegetarian dish by omitting the ground turkey and adding another vegetable or a soy based crumble, to replace the turkey.

*Or can be made vegan, by using a soy based crumble to replace the turkey. Using a soy based cheese for the ricotta & cheddar.

*Use dried herbs if that's what you have on hand.

Don't mind the crusty old baking sheet

Till next time,