Mid-Week Happenings- May 30th

Mid-Week Happenings

Yesterday was a bit of a mess. Sitting at the border & an idiot smacks right into the back of the car. On their phone/fiddling and not paying attention. Minor damage, but enough that the car has to go in for repairs. People. Get. Off. Of. Your. Phone. When. Driving! No phone call is that important. And if it is, pull over/stop/turn off your car. Police really need to start enforcing the hands free policy, with major fines. (I realise that the laws are  different, depending on the country, province or state, but common sense, is common sense.) No first chances either. Why? Because you shouldn't have been on your phone in the first place. Can you tell I have no tolerance for that crap?

No one was hurt, so that's good. Well, except the lady's bank account, but that's her problem. So I'm moving on, thankful that I woke up this morning no worse for the wear.

A really nice cop in Detroit helped us because we got lost. Told him where we wanted to go and he led the way in his police car. I think he was a little bored. Thanks, though!

Is it bad that every time I go to/pass through Detroit, I'm surprised at the amount of black (my people, if you don't know) people that I see? I'm not used to it. I grew up & now live in a very homogeneous (Caucasian) city. It's different for my eyes, that's all I'm saying. Although, I should be used to the different hues, since I spent 7 years in Windsor.

How do you feel about people talking/texting while driving? Or do you do that on a regular basis?

Mid-Week Slump
Roses are up! Where the heck was I? I missed the start of the bloom completely.

Song of the Day:Hole Hearted - Extreme II: Pornograffitti Hole Hearted, Extreme, Extreme II: Pornograffitti, 1990, UMG Recordings, Inc. See Hole Hearted. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Happenings- May 30th

  1. I am so sorry you got rear-ended. Crossing the border is stressful enough without having that happen! I honestly thing that texting while driving should result in a one year driving suspension.

    It is funny to hear you say that about noticing how many black people are in Detroit. I think we just get used to the population mix where we live and anything that is different really stands out. Before moving to Kamloops we lived in Richmond, BC for four years. Half the population of Richmond is immigrant, and most of the immigrants are Asian. When we moved to Kamloops it felt so white. Three of my kids are Asian (international adoptions), so at least we helped diversify the city as we were out and about! I still miss the ethnic mix of Richmond.

    1. Post author

      The 1 year suspension sounds good to me!
      I don't know why seeing so many black people was weird/different to me. Maybe it was just refreshing. I do miss seeing & living in the diversity of Windsor. Black, white, brown & everything in between! I loved it! That's one thing that I look forward to living in the Vancouver area (hopefully soon), is the diversity. Especially if I have kids, I can not see raising them in a homogeneous city like I was raised in.

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