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This weekend is going to be a**kicking hot. So, there won't be any outdoor festivities at the park for Canada Day (Sunday). Have fun, those of you who are braving it! It's going to be pretty low key for me. Food on the grill, dessert, a small fire-pit & whomever decides to come over.

For some reason yoga is kicking my butt, this week. It use to be so easy for me. Not so much anymore. Any way I'm working through it. Pain, fatigue & all. Some days 10 minutes is all that I can give. Other days it's more. I do what I can, by how I feel each day.

Kai wanted to get her yogi on as well, as you can see below. Of course only after I wiped down my mat.

Enjoy Friday & Bonne fête du Canada (Sunday)! (Happy Canada Day!) to my fellow Canadians & to those celebrating with us! Any plans this holiday weekend?

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What's stopping you from creating and/or getting better at your dream job/career?

I'm not an expert. I haven't been in the writing game for 40 years. But I've learned some important things.

1. Don't not try because you don't have the right equipment. I'm still using a manky but viable camera to spice up my blog and improve my photographic skills. Photography is a new passion of mine that I might not have discovered if I had not started blogging. Would I like a professional camera, that will cost at least $500? Sure, but as of today that's not going to happen so I'm using what I've got.

The point? Don't let not having the "right" equipment stop you from pursuing your dreams and aspirations. A professional camera is still on my list, but I'll get it at the right time.

2. Practice makes perfect. Well as perfect as a human can get. Use your kids, your pets, yourself. Anything that gets practice in. I use my yard, the local parks & recreation, Kai the cat. Lately when Kai's had enough she just gets up & walks away. But hey, I use whatever I can to improve my skills. I take whatever opportunity I can to improve my writing skills. Paid or not. Does it suck to not get paid for hours of work? Sometimes yes, but I look at the bigger picture. I'm not only improving my skills, but I'm building up my writing resume. Something that any new writer needs to do. Free work in between the paid stuff is just something that I have to do to pay my dues. And of course the all important, time. It takes time to build a reputation and relationships.

3. I'm looking into taking some professional writing courses. Nothing huge. I'm pretty sure I'm not going back to university. But I know that it will help me in my future endeavours. At the very least, I'll have a refresher course in grammatical skills. Between blogging, working on finishing my first book, journaling & freelance work, I write everyday. I'm actively working towards my goal of being a successful, published author.

Where I need help I get it. How I'll improve, I'm working on it. I'm not going to let the rejections or roadblocks, stop me from doing the many things that I love to do.

Everything, worth anything takes time and hard work. I'm doing both and a whole lot more. The latest professional camera or professional series laptop will come with time. Meanwhile I'm not letting my "mediocre" equipment keep me from building my career and future.

Do you let not having the best or right things, keep you from moving forward in any aspect of life? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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