Monday & the Olympics

It's a great Monday. A little on the warm side, but when is it not warm for me? This past Saturday was my birthday. It seems to be a trend that I end up cooking my own (actually grilling) birthday dinner. Things will be different next year. My sister ended up in the hospital again. Third time in less than a year. A hot mess. At least it's not pneumonia this time.

Photo bomb by Kai the cat, of water colour portrait birthday gift, from my sister.
An unobstructed view. I love it!

I wasn't planning on watching the Olympics, outside of the opening ceremonies, but I spent a good portion of the weekend watching it anyways. Watching the Canadian women's 8 row team qualify for this Wednesdays final was pretty cool. As of this morning the Canadian men's team is going to the finals as well. For some reason I enjoy watching rowing. That's something that I would like to try one day, I don't know if my knees could handle it though. But my back, shoulders & arms would look fabulous!

My free shirt for the Olympics. I enjoy free stuff! Go Canada!

Swimming is a favourite event of mine as well. The fit bodies make me want to get out and start swimming. Okay, I actually need to know how to swim but that will come. Get the pool and then the private lessons. I did take swim lessons as a child but it didn't stick.

I also can't wait for track & field to start. I hope Caster Semenya places well, if not getting her gold medal. I wish people would stop talking about what happened in 2009 and just wish the young woman well. God forbid a female athlete perform better than the rest.

Are you watching the Olympics or avoiding them like the plague?

Anyway off to do reviews and editing. Have a beautiful & blessed day! Good luck to all the athletes!

Song of the Week: Marry Me Again, The Wilsons, See Marry Me Again. Love the Wilsons. Their music, reality show. Just a great vibe from them. (Links may not work in all countries.)

Till next time,