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It's World Cat Day, so of course I have to blog about it. Cats are pretty awesome, if I can say so. They are also...

Cantankerous. Cuddly. Whiny. Noble. Indifferent. Nosy. Skittish. Stubborn. Loyal.

They can give a good stink-eye and be sucky-babyish at the same time. You name it, cat's can be it, do it and I love it!

Here are some pictures of cat's that I think are pretty awesome!

Spencer a.k.a Kai's future boyfriend. Neither of them know this yet. Pic courtesy of AT, Spencer's guardian/mom.
Jack the Garden Centre cat. He's very laid back.
Of course Kai must check out the packaging from a giveaway.
I thought the pillow was ready for the trash. Apparently Kai did not.
Every once in a while Kai still tries to cuddle as though she is still kitten size. I'll take it when I can get it.
I love her black bean pads & crooked nails!

Can you tell I have a thing for black cats? The fact that they are the last to be adopted/chosen and one of the first to get euthanized, is probably why I'm drawn to them. Empathy, sadness and all of that. I love all cats, it's definitely about how I click with them, not just the colour of the fur.

I must admit that I have a fondness for the Sphynx (hairless) breed. I think they are so cute, but they are much more work. Having to get bathed, ears cleaned, lotioned. Like having a human baby. Plus, I'm not sure how often they come up in shelters or rescues. If you've followed me before, you know I'm all about the rescue. Especially in the future. Wrinkles, visible joints, exposed private parts. Who cares. They are cute, to me.

Courtesy (free use) of lunch.com. That's just cute.

What do you love about cats in general or your own cat(s)? Are you doing anything for International Cat Day?

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