Monthly Archives: September 2012


It's official, everyone in the house has become a living hot-water bottle for Kai the cat. I must admit, I feel a little used. It's window this and window that, until sitting by the window isn't warm & cozy anymore.

I've also noticed that she's starting to get that puffy look, which of course means her undercoat is filling out. She kind of looks like a sumo wrestler in certain poses.

Yes, she was sleeping but her nosiness made her open her eyes.

Kai also loves to lick the blankets she lying on, to death. I have to try & get video of it. It's quite amusing & cartoon-ish looking.

Do your animals want to snuggle more, as the weather cools down?

Song of the Week:You Get What You Give - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too You Get What You Give, Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too, New Radicals, 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc. See You Get What You Give. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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