Saturday & I’m Reminiscing

I've had 2 dreams over the past week, that I was back living in Windsor and I loved it! I had my own place again. I didn't have to compromise & deal with living with other people that were not a significant other. There was freedom and relief. It was nice just to have my own space again. I really miss that. The second dream was not so great and about all of the bad stuff that happened. Maybe I'll write about that someday. Maybe. The job situation wasn't that great and I'm not sure how it is today. I'll take those dreams as my motivation to find a way to hurry up & move the heck-on. Easier said then done, though. Any tips would be great!

As much as I didn't like about Windsor, there was a lot that I really liked and miss. Such as:

  • the people. Not only friends but also the multiculturalism of the city. You know how some people get annoyed or even mad when they hear people speaking anything but English? Well it never bothered me. I miss those sounds. What did bother me was when people said, "I wish those people would speak English, this is Canada". As long as people can speak & comprehend the language of the country they're in, I don't care what else they speak in. I also found people Windsor, in general to be a lot friendlier & open. Maybe because so many of us were transplants. Whereas people where I live now, were mostly born & raised here. Who knows?
  • The food. The food was great. Japanese, Chinese, Etheopian, Italian, Lebanese, Greek. You name it they had it & most of the time the food was great. I can't name a handful of great places to eat where I live now.
  • Entertainment. Again not perfect but compared to where I am now, it was like Toronto or New York. Nightclubs, bars (although not really my thing), pubs, Caesars Windsor, with a lot of big music & comedy acts.
  • The bus system wasn't perfect but it is better than what I have now. There was also the option of traveling on the Tunnel bus to scoot over to Michigan, on a daily basis. Can't beat that.

Is there a city or country that you wish you could go back to, for whatever reason?


Song of the Week:Oh Girl - Paul Young - Greatest Hits Oh Girl, Paul Young (original by the The Chi-Lites in 1972. See live here.), Paul Young Greatest Hits, 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark) A/S.  See Paul Young sing Oh Girl, live. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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2 thoughts on “Saturday & I’m Reminiscing

  1. Windsor sounds a lot like Richmond, BC. We lived there from 2002 until 2006, and while I don't think I would like to move back I miss some of the thing same things you miss about Windsor. It was a very multicultural city, and the restaurants and shops reflected that.

    1. Post author

      It's not that I want to move back there, because I do want to get out of Ontario. I think the dreams just made me realize what the good things that I used to have. Nostalgia I guess.

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