Monday/Weekend Wrap-Up

Just enjoying the highly energized wind gusts & rain. Hopefully some of the leaves will get blown off of our lawn in the commotion. Also hoping that there won't be any fatalities, with this latest set of storms. It was so funny with Kai the cat yesterday (Sunday). She had no interest in going out, on her harness, with the wild weather. It wasn't raining but she knew this weather isn't normal. She was having none of it & turned away from the door & actually hid under the cubby-hole where the shoes go.

The weekend knitting did not go so well. I think I started & than unravelled the same project a dozen times. Maybe more. I lost count & I'm completely annoyed and baffled. I've done this before with success but for some reason it's not working out. Maybe I won't be making any homemade gifts this year. It's a good thing I didn't promise any knitwear to anyone. I'm not saying I'm giving up, I'm just giving it a break. I hate not being successful at something, especially when I know that I can do it.

I have an appointment this week for my foot. Hopefully something can be done about it. Not being able to put any kind of pressure on it, 95% of the time, is a little interfering. You know walking and small things like that. The foot doctor didn't do much. I understand that orthodics take time, but the pain is not supposed to get worse.

How was your weekend? That's it for now, have a fabulous Monday & week!

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      I'm so tempted to just switch over to crochet. I do both with ease, usually, but I'm stubborn and don't want to admit knitting defeat. So far the storms haven't been evacuation scary, but it's pretty windy out there. I'm staying in tonight.

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