Kai’s 2012 Vet Visit

The day started out beautifully. A surprisingly warm Fall day (earlier this month). No need to throw a blanket over Kai's carrier to keep the cold wind out. In fact if she were given the choice to be outside all day, of course she would have chosen outside.

We got in the office and were greeted by the office cats, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. I'm Not Here & Mrs. Laidback (I made those names up). Mr. Grumpy was not impressed with the constant influx of kittens being dropped off & waiting to be adopted. He had the best look of disgust ever demonstrated by a feline. Mr. I'm Not Here was napping on the shelves in between the bags of food. Took about 5 minutes before I noticed him. Mrs. Laidback was taking a break, on the front counter, from her kittens that were bouncing around the office. So cute & if I lived alone I would have taken the 2 boy kittens home.

The overall visit was about 45 minutes. Starting out smoothly with the vet tech collecting information, then it went downhill from when the vet first touched her. She sounded like a banshee from hell. She didn't even get shots this year. Just palpitations and an ear canal swab. (Came back negative for yeast.) I do think that she remembers her kitten wellness visits & all of those shots & then spay. The poor vet, she'll never be forgiven.

The plastic cone had to come out about halfway through the visit but I didn't take pictures of that because I felt Kai should be left with a little dignity.

She's a little on the skinny side (not malnourished) but compared to last year, that's good. Last year she was, 11 lbs. This year, she's 8.5 lbs. Which brings me to what I wasn't happy about. Last year the vet technician called Kai a chunky monkey and had her food reduced to 1 tbsp of wet, 1 tbsp dry, twice daily. This year's technician said she was on the skinny side. Really? Can you people make up your minds. On the cat scale of 9, where 5 is ideal, Kai is a 3. Not malnourished, but she can't lose any more weight. So some extra crunchies at lunch time, along with her breakfast & dinner. Trial & error I guess.

Her teeth and gums are healthy, although the back teeth are getting quite yellow. I am brushing her teeth 2-3 times a week. You can imagine the fun. The black line going down her right fang is nothing to be concerned about, apparently. It's normal in cats. Something about being their meat teeth? Never heard of this before. Anyone else's cat have the black line/crack?

Her joints are healthy. Her coat is healthy. She does have some minor skin allergies brought on by the seasons. No shock there.

I'm a little concerned about her glands still being enlarged. They are not hard or as large as they were, on her first few visits but they are larger then they should be. A second opinion maybe. She is my baby from another mother.

Are you happy with your vet's office? I love my vet, she's great but some of her tech's? I don't know.

In the waiting room
Sniff, sniff
Checking out the birds.


The poor bird!












She looks so sweet & innocent
Home at last!

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