Friday Wrap-Up

It's been an interesting week of  rescheduling, trying to get enough sleep to be productive and just function. I'm so glad for the weekend because I really need to relax and recharge. I don't know how much relaxing is going to get done but I'll try.

I still have not done anything crafty and I'm not impressed one bit. A hat, a throw, something. I have some alpaca fibre that has yet to be spun. Something that I want to try my hand at. That was supposed to be one of my mini projects for 2012. I guess it will be a mini project for 2013. I'll get it done.

The snow and biting cold is officially back and like many of you I am not impressed. I did not go to any writing groups this week because I could not be bothered to ride but mostly wait on public transit. Not with the wind whistling up any, small opening of my coat.

The squirrel problem is partly resolved. The 2  critters are out and the entrance is sealed. The problem is that in all of the commotion the s**t was literally scared out of the last squirrel. Yep, I'll leave it to your imagination. Now I know why some people eat the nasty critters. Not because it's free or tastes good but out of revenge for destroying parts of their home and costing them money.

Enjoy your weekend, I'll be enjoying mine!

Butter Chicken

Song of the Week: Smile Like You Mean It - Hot Fuss, The Killers, 2004. See Smile Like You Mean It. To date,  this is my favourite Killers song! (Links may not work in all countries.)

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2 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-Up

  1. Yikes! Squirrels. Rotten little beggers. Glad they are gone for you. And I hear ya about the cold. I'm wishing for spring....

    1. Post author

      Love that the squirrels are gone. We don't have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to a squirrel burglar.

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