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  • The planting has officially started. It looks rusty but in another month or less, everything should look great. Here's to hoping that everything grows, throughout the Spring and Summer.


  • I love the music in this show. It reminds me of a a good part of my childhood, where this music was played all of the time.
  • Reverend Thornton and his pen friend, Jane. They won't be just that for long, I predict. I do hope his character comes back soon.
  • Sister Bernadette and Dr. Turner need to stop eyeballing each other. She needs to make her decision to either stay or leave the sisterhood. I know, easier said then done but let's go already.
  • Nice that Sister Monica Joan got to judge the baby contest, in the place of that scoundrel actor. Gave her something to do and it made her happy.
  • Mother of 8 Nora was lucky that the botched abortion didn't kill her. It's scary that not that long ago women had no choice as to the number of children they had. Risking their lives, because of the lack of options. The topics the writers choose are on point! Thank god that women have birth control and the choice to use it. (Well, some but that's another topic, for another day.)
Turtle Butt
  • Lord Karstark killed by the not so wise Robb Stark. He should have listened to his wife and mother. Now he's lost half of his army because of this stupid move. Now his sister, Sansa, is never going to come back home.
  • Naive Sansa is dreaming about marrying Loras Tyrell, while others are plotting her marriage to Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion doesn't want her, he's in love with Shae, the ex-prostitute. And Grandpa, Tywin Lannister is also making his widowed daughter, Cersei marry again. I would feel bad for her, if she wasn't in-love-with, having-sex-with, and breeding-with her twin Jaimie. Can't let go of that one.
  • Bringing people back from the dead and they're not zombies? Pretty neat. What kind of magic is that? The Brotherhood storyline is getting more interesting by the episode.
  • Jaimie Lannister and Brienne in the baths, was obviously the therapy session that Jaimie needed. Interesting revelations about why he really killed the king. More to come I'm sure.
  • What is up with King Stannis locking his daughter, Shireen Baratheon away because of her "affliction". Greyscale, I believe it's called. You're too ugly and "tainted" for society, so bullying for you. So wrong. At least she has a good attitude and his happy despite living in a dungeon, away from society.
  • Not enough dragon action but I guess it can't be geared toward the dragon lovers, like me. But I guess this is just the introduction to the beginning of a great army.

Was it me or was the song at the end of the episode creepy as hell? Yikes!


  • The Bletchley Circle, Episode 2, Season 1. Sunday, 10 pm, EST, PBS. I didn't watch it, as it aired, because I'm trying to keep my sleep schedule on point. Anyone with sleep issues, knows how important schedules are. I'll catch it online, sometime this week.
  • Today is International Dance Day. I don't dance as much as I used to, but when I do  I revel in the freedom that feel. So in celebration of the day, below is one of many amazing videos from Ragga Jam Officiel, situated in France. Ragga Jam is just one of many forms of dance that I enjoy watching! Learn more @

(Check your local listings for times and where to watch. Links may not work in all countries. All videos belong to the artist/corporation.)

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