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  • I know everyone says this but I can't believe May is here already. I'm glad that the weather is milder but I'm not glad that the humid, summer heat is on the way. Boo for the heat, but bonus for the flowers and trees in full bloom! Trying to keep a positive spin on the things I don't like. Well, almost in bloom. It's a late start for nature. Last year at this time the tree leaves for fully grown and looking beautiful.


  • Bletchley Circle, Season 1, Episode 2, PBS. Check your local listings for the schedule. Who knew that I could watch it while working out and eating breakfast? I was able to catch up Sunday night's episode on Wednesday morning. A nice start to the day, since I normally don't watch morning television, other then to find out the daily forecast.

-Susan, played by Anna Maxwell Martin. I'm surprised that Susan's husband, Timothy was as understanding as he was and didn't ask more questions. Your wife constantly running off day and night, with no word of what she's doing. Hopefully he'll continue to be so understanding. Boy did Susan mess up, by giving the police the list of names. If she wasn't sure she should have hung on to the list. Now someone may go down for murder and the actual killer, will continue on his sick killing spree.

-Millie, played by Rachael Stirling. I like her feisty character, but I can tell that she's had some serious hardships in her life. I'm sure her storyline will reveal some not so pleasant things, that she's had to do over the years in order to survive. But survive she has, so I'm sure she will be the glue that will hold the group together and keep them strong, when the circle threatens to break.

-Lucy, played by Sophie Rundle. What a big mistake Lucy made, when she allowed herself to be used as bait, trying to catch the elusive killer. I guess her home life, and mental state didn't allow her to think that being bait wasn't such a great idea. Almost getting raped and then coming home and having her husband beat the crap out of her. What a life. Hopefully her old friends will help her, to help herself. But how often did women leave abusive relationships 60 years ago? Not many, I can only guess.

-Jean, played by Julie Graham. So far her character isn't as "exciting" as the other characters but she does seem to have a lot of connections from the past. Along with her connections she also seems to have some good dirt on the people from her past, which comes in handy, in the present. It should be interesting to see, what else Jean can bring to the Bletchley Circle story.

  • I'm really enjoying this show so far. It's not full of highly, electrifying scenes but I'm still enthralled by it. Exciting things occur but in a more intellectual manner. I'm not sure if I like how Scotland Yard is coming across. Are they inefficient? Do they not care? Do they care, but because Susan is a woman, they don't take her seriously? Do they take her seriously as a favour to her husband? Are they taking the easy way out by charging a possibly innocent man? Who knows, time will tell. What do you think of The Bletchley Circle so far?

Busy day for me, so I'm out. I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday & weekend!


Song of the Week: She Bad Bad - She Bad Bad - Single Eve, 2013. Watch She Bad Bad. (Links may not work in all countries. Song link is an affiliate link. All videos belong to the artist/corporation.)

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