Games of Thrones, The Bletchley Circle Conclusion

  • Call the Midwife, Episode 6, Season 2, was not on last night. I have no idea why. Jacques Pépin was on instead and I watched him make puff pastry from scratch.
  • Game of Thrones, Episode 6, "The Climb", Season 3. Sunday, 9 pm EST, HBO.

-Well I have to be honest and say I was doing a lot of huh's during last night's episode. I just didn't get a lot of it. I have to watch it again. Hopefully I'll be clued back in, in time for next weeks episode. I hate being lost in a show, that I enjoy.

-Jamie get's to go home and Brienne is being kept for treason. You know some torture is coming up for her.

-I'm over Sansa and her lost lamb personality. She needs to get a clue or someone needs to sit her behind down and tell her exactly what is going on. I'm getting annoyed. Whimpering and waving to a sailing ship. Please, get it together.

-I'm also over the Theon torture story-line. It serves no purpose that I can see. So stop it. Now!

-Littlefinger and Varys. One of the story-lines, that I'm lost on. I know that everything is done for their own individual benefit but that's about it.

-When will someone kill Joffrey? The only time we see the little weasel in episode 6, is when he's finished his weekly ritual of torturing and killing the latest prostitute sent to him by Littlefinger. Behead him and be done with it.

-Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. That fight, debate, tug-of-war was great! I think grandma won. It was kind of funny how she said that Cersei was basically finished and dried up. It may sound mean but it's kind of true. How many more babies can she have? That part of her life is almost over with. It happens to us all. And when she thought that every boy had at least one roll under the covers with another boy. Normal? Not that I've heard of. Oh grandma, you make me laugh!

-The hike up the side of the mountain was telling. I think we could guess that Orell hates Jon Snow and Ygritte but after he was so quick to cut the climbing cord, we now know for sure. He is on Jon and Ygritte's hit list.


  • The Bletchley Circle, Episode 3, conclusion. I thought there were more episodes, but I guess short and sweet is all it's to be.

-Great episode, all though Susan took a lot of risks with herself and her family. I'm surprised her husband Thomas was as patient as he was, although it didn't last and he wanted her to stop whatever she was doing. Which he never did find out where she was going all of the time. Interesting.

-Millie continued to be the rock that everyone needed. I'm glad that she was able to help Lucy escape from her abusive husband and give her a place to stay. Did anyone else notice the horrible cone-boobs that her characters girdle gave her? It was like a car crash, I couldn't pull my eyes away. Girdles may be great for the hips and butt, but not so much for the breasts.

-It was nice to see Lucy stand up for herself. I guess leaving her abusive husband gave her the strength to stand up for herself in other aspects of her life. Having a photographic memory would be great, except for all of the horrific things that occur in life. Having graphic, homicide scenes implanted in your mind forever would not be a bonus for anyone.

-Overall it was a great mini-series, even though I thought there were going to be at least a few more episodes. PBS broadcasts some amazing television and movies productions.

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