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Update on Ohio kidnapping case: 2 of the brothers were cleared and no charges will be laid against them.

Warning: Some NOT child friendly language is used in this post.

  • My middle back has been killing me since last weekend. I'm not thrilled about it at all. I don't remember doing anything extreme, but I assume that doesn't mean that I couldn't have pulled a muscle? Having a career where you sit most of the time is great until sitting most of the time is agony. Gentle exercise, stretching and a heating pad are my good friends right now. Thank goodness the weather is cooling down a little, for the remainder of the week. Otherwise I'd be in a pile of sweat because I use my heating pad no matter what the temperature. The pain relief over-rides, the over-heated body any day.

-Trying to be thankful that I have a heating pad, some people don't. Trying to be thankful that I can feel my back, again some people can't. With all of the thankfulness, daily pain still sucks ass.

Love the Spring flowers!
  • I just had to comment on the case of the three women and child in the Ohio abduction. It's so scary to wonder how many people, who are kidnapped are within 20 km of their abduction. Their families and the public may assume that they are dead, across the country, or on another continent all together.

-The news reports coming out that neighbours saw and heard strange things but did nothing, is mind-boggling. Allegedly, a woman is naked and being led around on a chain and you do nothing? If the police don't come, I would stand out where I saw the incident and keep calling until they come or came back again. I'm pretty sure you have the right to find out what the police found or didn't as a citizen. Don't quote me because I'm sure different countries have different laws that vary by province/state. I wouldn't bust in myself, because I don't want to get shot and I'm a woman going into an unknown situation, by myself. But to just say, "well I called and now it's the police's problem". What the hell is that? Does it sound judgmental? It is.

-We have a responsibility as members of a community to keep doing, until nothing else can be done. It also proves once again to me, that woman in general in any society have little worth. It galls me that many people still have that 1950's mentality of, I'm not getting involved in a seemingly domestic situation. What ever happened to standing up and being there for your fellow human being? I wonder what the women think, knowing that people saw them, possibly heard them and did nothing?

-Link to 1 of many press stories, http://usnews.nbcnews.com

-I don't know what to say about these woman and their future because I've thankfully never been in their situation. I just pray that they can have some semblance of normalcy, peace and contentment for the remainder of their lives.

-Nasty coming: All 3 of those brothers and anyone else who had knowledge of the crimes, can sit on satan's dick and ride it to hell (thanks Crissle). I don't necessarily believe in the devil/hell concept but I will admit that it makes me feel better to imagine that scenario. Nasty over.  I try to be forgiving but when it comes to sexual assault, especially when children are violated, I just have a hard time. I guess I'll never be completely altruistic. Oh well, that's my burden to carry.


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