Daily Archives: May 17, 2013

Welcome everyone, my name is Nadia, the owner & creator of nadiadonella.com. I live in Britsh Columbia, Canada but was born & raised on the East Coast. 1st generation of Guyanese & Jamaican Immigrants. I'm a cat, dog, bee & goat lover. I'm a spiritual being, living life to be better & therefore do better.

I've been blogging since 2011, writing since before then. My photography basically started because I didn't want to use stock photos & I fell in love with the medium. I went back to school in 2014 for Web Development & although I don't use everything that I went to school for, I use most of it.

Lake Huron

From my content (If you haven't found your way around the site, go on. Please.) you can see that I love to create in many ways. Writing, Cooking, Baking, Photography, Handmade Goods & so much more. I'll also share parts of my entrepreneurial journey along the way. New content weekly! Sign up for my newsletter for what's up next here & in my life. Once a month, unless something phenomenal is happening.

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Note: Any content including, photographs on this site are the property of nadiadonella.com aka., me or my sister. Her name withheld for her privacy. Any other photos are from websites that are free for the public to use and credit will always be given to the photographer.

-Nadia DW ✌