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  • No review of Game of Thrones this Monday. I'll catch up with it on, OnDemand. I'm back to watching Long Island Medium. Yes, I watch it and I think Theresa Caputo is amazing and real. Anyone else watching?
My 1st bottle brick attempt. The shopping bag in the background was full.
My 1st bottle brick attempt. The shopping bag in the background was full.
  • I heard about the "build a brick" idea on The Ricki Lake Show, "the green show". The Malsan family and others were on discussing and sharing how they live a green life. Check out the segment here. The entire show was entertaining and informative. Check it out if you can. Their website: ecowomb.com.

-I constantly think about the small pieces of paper or plastic that is clipped/torn off and thrown away. Let's face it, some items are not allowed in the recycling bin. They often blow away or fall out of the bin. Or they just take up more room in the garbage bin.

-These bottle building programs are not available in every country or city. Hopefully this will change soon. This is also a great way to help out environmentally, without spending any additional money. I sent an email to earthbench.org about drop off points because I was having no luck. A few weeks later, they don't know of any programs in Canada. Hmm.

-Does anyone know of any drop-off points in Canada? I've searched and no one seems to know. I sometimes wish I had the time to implement a program like this but I don't have the time & dedication that a process like this would entail. Really, where the heck would I start.

-Click for a demo, by http://www.earthbench.org/go-zero-waste.html, for how to build a bottle brick.

-Also check out bottleschools.org, for more building info.

  • What you'll need: a sturdy, stick or long handled wooded spoon; 20oz or smaller pop or Gatorade bottle (rinsed and dry); your garbage debris, no food or wet items. Get to stuffing. You want it packed so you can't squeeze the bottle.
  • I've also, as of yesterday started doing a highlight(s) of the day. Really to help myself, especially on the days when things don't feel so great. I got the idea from a fellow YT'ber, AprilJustinTV. I'll post them between 5 -7Pm EST, on Facebook Nadia Donella and Twitter also NadiaDonella. Please feel free to share your highlight(s) of the day on either of my pages.


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