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  • True Blood, Episode 603, "You're No Good". Sunday, 9 pm EST. Check your local listings for times in your area.

-I think Billith got burnt up as a lesson in humility. Maybe remind him that he isn't God. Just my thoughts.

-I still think it's funny that Andy's girls are growing up so fast. But Andy please give those children names and stop calling then by number. I wonder if Andy realizes that his daughters may be in danger from the human military once they find out about the other super-naturals, like them?

-Alcede needs to get his pack in order. They are out of control. I thought Rikki was good for him but she is crazy as hell. A nice distraction to get over Debbie & Sookie, but that's it. She is pure trouble. That annoying pack mentality. I can't believe the pack killed those kids, except for Nicole. She barely survived because of Alcede. At least Sam was able to get Emma away from that hot mess of a pack.

-I need to see more of Lafayette. His lines crack me up. Maybe the writers don't know what to do with his character, since he is supposed to have been long dead in the books.

-What the heck was Tara thinking when she took off with the governors daughter? Erick is going to kick her butt.

-The end of the episode was interesting. Did Billith bypass the glamour contacts Andy on, or was that just me? Or did he just use his new mind powers, and bypass the glamour nonsense altogether?

-I noticed that Billith smelled the girls (I think) in the back of Andy's car and I think he is going to use their blood as the new synthetic True Blood. I  also can't believe he just dismissed Sookie like that. I thought he was just going to take her blood against her will. Oh well, she's got more important things to worry about. What the heck is going on with Jason? I hope he's not dying. He's so simple, yet entertaining.

-I still don't know about this Ben Flynn character, but time will tell. He was a little too quick, for my liking, to be Niall's side-kick. I love how grand-daddy Niall, just flits in & out of dimensions. Do fairies live forever?

-Episode 603 was good but it wasn't as exciting as the previous two. It's a short season so I expect pow-pow in every episode. What the heck is pow-pow? I mean excitement from start to finish.

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My view for the first week. As bored as this picture is boring.
My view for the first week. As bored as this picture is boring.
  • It's been an interesting week-plus. I hurt my back pretty severely pulling up my pajama bottoms. Not over-extending in yoga. Not lifting a heavy box. Not running a 10k. Nope, just getting ready for bed. Dr said it could take up to 6 weeks before I feel normal or close to normal again.

For someone who lives with daily pain, this is a new type of pain, that I wouldn't wish on an enemy. My pain tolerance is pretty high, but this is kicking my butt!

I'm not thrilled. I'm restless. I hate not being able to do what I want with my body, for the most part.  I hate the limitations that my back is putting on the rest of my body. Having to get help with bathing, dressing, getting in & out of bed is for the dogs. Although I am now able to manage my own self-care. It just takes me longer. I hate feeling dependent on others. It really irks me.

I swear I was getting depressed in the first 5 days or so because I felt like a useless lump and a burden who was bothering people. But I had to get over that and suck it up. I will get better, it'll just take time.

Each day that passes is getting better. Especially since I'm using what the Dr prescribed. There is no sense in suffering if I don't have to. I try not to use pain meds, but this is the exception. Bonus, when I'm sleepy I have a great excuse to go for as many naps as I like. It won't last forever, so I'm going to enjoy this freedom while I can.

I really miss taking pictures, although it's been so hot this week, I wouldn't have stayed outside for long. There's a new crop of flowers in the garden and I'm missing it all.


Kai the cat is bored and mopey. Trying to engage me in play & not interested in eating, if I don't feed her. Which I was only able to do on Thursday morning. Modified eating, on the stairs. Great that she's so bonded to me, not so great if I have to go away for a long period of time.

Blurry eating, my hands aren't that steady

Trying not to whinge, because it could be worse. It could be a skeletal injury instead of muscular. I could need surgery instead of time and rest. So I have to suck it up and be thankful.

Lessons Learned/Things To Be Thankful For

  • Be thankful for help, when it's given, offered, & available.
  • We always want more time to think, relax or just do nothing. A wonky back is not the best of circumstances, but I have it, so I'll use it.
  • Time to catch up on reading, pod-casts, audio books and simple knitting/crochet projects.

Any tips on getting through the boredom until I have my mobility back?

Song of the Day:Got 'Til It's Gone - The Velvet Rope Janet Jackson, 2006. Watch Got 'Til It's Gone. (Links may not work in all countries. Song link, is an affiliate link.)

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