My Love Of Composting

(It hasn't been turned for a couple of weeks, due to my back. So I'm sure this batch will take a little longer.)

-I've written about composting before but I have more to say, so here I go.

-This past Winter was the first time that I've composted throughout the year. Before then it was just Spring and Summer. I really started to notice at the beginning of the Winter, that our regular household garbage accumulation was starting to increase. So all-year composting began. Trudging through the backyard in the snow, cold, and sometimes darkness was not fun at all. I seriously considered giving up Winter composting, but I stuck it out and I had a great start to my Spring/Summer compost. I'm in love with composting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

-Composting is pretty simple. Collection, watering, turning, letting the compost be. I have 2 compost bins in the backyard. I dump the waste in one, while the other full bin is left to do it's job of decomposing. Of course, no animal products are included, other then egg shells. If it hasn't rained for awhile I'll pull out the hose and water each compost, once a week, which has been good so far. I also do my best to remember to leave the compost tops off, to catch any rainfall.

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-The end results are amazing. The smell, the texture, the colour, blows my mind. It smells like a healthy earth. Which makes sense because of course the scraps came from the earth. I love running my hands through the finished product to really appreciate it. It still amazes me every time I spread a finished compost, that I have this nutritious plant feed to utilize. I use it for the garden and my potted plants, which are flourishing. I also love knowing that I've done my part to keep as much of my garbage out of the landfills as possible. It's not a lot, but it is my small part to help the earth.

Are you a composter & what do you love about it? If not, what's holding you back (no judgement, just wondering :))?

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4 thoughts on “My Love Of Composting

  1. I just had to send my compost tumbler to my in-laws' because we've had to move to a smaller apartment without the porch space. For the summer I'll be contributing to the pile at the community garden and over the winter I'll bring scraps for the tumbler when we go see my in-laws. It'll be a pain not to have the tumbler right outside the door anymore, but I should actually end up with finished compost in it after next summer (we didn't have money or space for 2 tumblers to do things "right" so I've just been sifting out the mostly finished stuff to mulch my containers with) so that's kind of a bonus. I think the whole process is pretty fun to watch and I love love love how much stuff we're keeping out of the trash and returning to the earth.

    1. Post author

      I would love to have a tumbler compost instead of a stationary one someday. So much easier then having to get in there and turn in with a pitch fork. That's pretty cool that you can add your scraps to a community garden, I'll keep that in mind if I move and don't have room for my own compost. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We used to use a compost bin in the backyard, but no one ever wanted to take the scraps out. It was maddening.

    A couple years ago the city began household composting pickup; now we put all food scraps (including meat and bones) in with our yard debris. It gets picked up every week; garbage only gets picked up every other week. That's a real incentive to reduce garbage quantities!

    1. Post author

      That's the problem with our household as well. No one but me, wants to take out the scraps. My city just started the compost pick up as well (we're late on everything). You have to purchase the bags, but I'm not sure how often they will pick it up. I think for now I'll stick with home composting because I can use it to help keep our gardens and growing vegetables healthy.

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