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  • It's just food, a stove, and maybe a couple of other cooking essentials. Television chefs and amazing cooks in your own family can make the process of cooking look intimidating to the novice, at-home cook. Or like many younger people they have never been taught or even allowed into the kitchen while growing up. I personally have little desire to spend hours cooking (Especially now that the hot, summer weather has arrived.) and cleaning up the mess that is created, so most days I try to keep it simple. Cooking a little extra is also great for lunch the next day or the next night's meal. So what can you do to make cooking easier on your household?
Simpler then you may think.
Simpler then you may think.
  • To start, keep it simple. Whatever your style of eating is, stick to the basics, at least in the beginning. Protein, vegetable, carbohydrate. For dinner that can mean, baked fish, steamed broccoli and brown rice. For breakfast you can have a poached egg with sauted onions, mushrooms, and quinoa. Simple meals that are nutritious and my palate loves. I love quinoa because it's a super healthy seed that gives me a little extra protein. Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal isn't going to knock your socks off or even taste the same, but that's the great thing about trying new foods and recipes. You may not make the dish again, but most of the time it's edible.


  • There are so many on-line resources to pick from these days, that you can't go wrong. If you're hesitant about using recipes strictly in print, do a search for cooking videos. Pick a new recipe video once a week and try it on a day off, or a less hectic day. It gets easier with time and practice. Get your partner or kids involved to make it a fun learning process. This way everyone has a chance to learn. If you live alone, invite a few friends over to share in the preparation and everyone gets a meal at the end of it all. Cooking is not hard, once you get the basics down. Preparation, confidence and a little time, is all you need to get started. Happy cooking!

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