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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Spoiler Alert* True Blood, Episode 605, "F**k The Pain Away". Sunday, 9 pm EST. Check your local listings for times in your area.

  • I still can't get over how thin, some, of the actors have gotten. They weren't fat or out of shape to begin with. Now they are too thin (IMO). But if that makes them happy or feel more confident on screen, who the hell am I?
  • Damn, only one of Andy's daughters made it through Jessica's attack feast! I hope she doesn't turn into a v addict. Or turn all vengeful because her sisters are dead.
  • Was it me or was this Justin guy, a little to quick to say yes to killing Terry? He probably thinks he'll just slip in to Arlene's life.
  • I have to say, that was some cheap 3500 BC scenery. Sorry True Blood. It did get a little better as more scenes were shown, but it reminded me of a high school production, a little. It's good to know that Warlow hates the vampire part of himself. It's also interesting that Warlow killed Lillith. Where was she, while she was waiting to come back? I wonder if Lillith had any idea that Warlow would be able to kill her. I guess not since she was the first vampire and therefore she had to learn the rules on the fly.
  • Sarah Newlin is getting on my last nerve. She has now surpassed the Sookie Stackhouse character as the most annoying character on the show, to me. It would be great if someone would change her into a vampire and then stake her. Was that too harsh?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • That detention centre is something else. Imagine the number of armed guards that are on duty at all times. Sharp shooters I would guess.
  • What the hell is Erick thinking, by letting himself get caught? I don't think he has a plan. I thought Erick would have been smarter then that.
  • Smart-ass Pam is back. Pam in therapy was too funny. I knew that Pam and Erick still love each other. Interesting that the therapist figured that out. That's a bond that will never be truly broken. Well, I guess we'll know for sure next week. But I don't think they would hurt each other, unless they time it to die at the same time.
  • Yes, more Lafayette. I just hate that people only come to him when they need something. Like Sookie summoning her parent's ghosts. I guess she had to know but Lala needs to hone his skills so the spirits don't take over his body so easily.
  • Really Sookie couldn't have used the lighter fairy magic to get out of that trance mess with her father and Lala? Just throw a spark or something to bounce pops out.
  • And what's with the song "F**K the Pain Away? The lyrics were interesting. But now I see why they used it as the episode title.

Another great episode. Finally some more questions answered, instead of just a pile of unanswered ones. Check out my thoughts on Episode 604.

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