Friday Wrap-Up July 19th


  • It's been a pretty quiet but tiring week. The weather is not helping. It's been so hot that it reminds me of a commercial kitchen oven, on the highest temperature, set to fan. But not just walking in front of the open doors. The world, the earth, being the commercial oven and I am on the inside. Disgusting. It doesn't matter how hydrated I stay, this weather seems to pull out the last percentages of energy that I have.
  • I even had a couple of late evening naps this week, I was so drained. You know the kind of tired where you start to feel delirious, like your going to pass out if you don't lie down for an hour? Yuck, I can't stand it. But luckily I wasn't sweating like the devil was breathing down my neck. Which was quite weird, since last year I was hoping that no one would notice the sweat dripping down my neck. Or catch me trying to fan my back, while the sweat trickled down my butt crack. Yeah, that's a bit graphic but it happens to most of us at some point.


  • I have no idea why, but Kai always gravitates to the warmest part of the house. The only time she'll stay in the basement, is if I'm in the basement. We have central air but when it gets past a certain temperature the upstairs is too hot. To cool it down, the lower levels would be uninhabitable because they would be too cold. When the temperatures settle back down to "normal" summer numbers, everything will be alright.


  • So I'll just be enjoying the outdoors when it hopefully cools off this weekend. I hope everyone is having a great Friday & weekend. If it's still hot where you live I'll try and blow some cool air your way. 🙂

How are you beating the heat or are you loving it? Or are have you just accepted the heat & not much as changed in your routine?

Song of the Day: I'm Your Baby Tonight - I'm Your Baby Tonight, Whitney Houston, 1990. Watch I'm Your Baby Tonight. (Links may not work in all countries. All videos belong to the artist/corporation. Song link is an affiliate link.)

Till next time,


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