Daily Archives: July 22, 2013


  • This weekend had to be one of the most relaxing weekends that I've had in a long time. That is a huge accomplishment for me. I think, worry, over analyse, about too much. I'm going back to not worrying about what I can't control or even fix because it's the weekend. I did get a little fidgety at times but I made myself appreciate what I was given. Some people would kill for quiet time to themselves, so I tried not to moan. I just found things to do.
  • Taking care of my potted garden. My compost. Catching up on movies, that I've wanted to see for the past year or so. I can't remember the names of them. Hmm, maybe they weren't that good. Catching up on podcasts & vlogs. Of course, cleaning, laundry. The life stuff always has to sneak in. 🙂


  • With all this quiet time I came to the realization that I've been neglecting my creative writing. The writing that has nothing to do with this blog or for other people. That's bad and I need to pull that back into my daily schedule, even if it's only for 30 minutes to start. After all writing books is my goal, at least for this stage of my life.

How was your weekend? Did you get some relief from the heat & were you able to enjoy the outdoors?

Till next time,