Daily Archives: July 29, 2013


  • Glad that Monday is here, mostly because the weekend was pretty dull. The weather was awesome, cool and breezy but the activities were less then thrilling. Whatever. At least I wasn't depressed about another birthday passing. Which is pretty good for me. I just let it flow, because the day was coming whether I wanted it to or not. I'm alive, so all is good! I didn't make a new batch of my home made body care or make any jam, but that's okay it'll get done eventually. I'll do a post on the process when I've done it.


  • True Blood, episode 607, "In The Evening" was great as usual. It's my Sunday television highlight of the day. I even have my mom watching it, even though she's closing her eyes and horrified the entire time. Only 3 more episodes left, it's ending way too soon. Plus, I'm not impressed with all of the great characters being killed off. That sucks. I'm still not happy with Terry being gone. But I do have a feeling that he may reappear as a ghost sometime soon. Good news, True Blood has been renewed for a 7th season!



  • I did take a lot bee pictures this weekend, which was great. I'm more than a little obsessed with them. How they fly, communicate with one another, the pollen collection process. Everything. Did I ever tell you that I'd love to have a few bee colonies? Nothing huge, just enough to enjoy them and their honey. Especially now that the bees are dying from disease, parasites, and man-made contaminates. Taking bee pictures is also great practice with the equipment that I have until I can move on to the next level. There's really only so much you can do with a point and shoot camera. Not being able to capture their wings in motion, or catch the fine details of the eyes was really starting to irritate me. I know I could capture these details if I had better equipment. A DSLR, is on my list, and I hope to get one in the near future. I'm trying to decide between a Canon and a Nikon. I know Canon is pretty much the leader in DSLR but from reviews I've seen the newer Nikon's are giving Canon a run for the money. I guess it will come down to what works best for me.


I'd love to hear your thought's on what camera work best for you. Point & shoot, DSLR, a particular brand that you've had success with. Any information would be great!

Till next time,