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After a recent bout with a 1st time muscle related back injury, I have a new appreciation of my everyday, chronic pain. If you've read my whinging about my back, (more here), you know that for me and many others, injury is a different kind of pain. The only positive thing about the injury is that eventually the pain went away. I do still freeze when I get an occasional twinge in the area of the back injury. Truthfully I'm terrified of being immobile again, and therefore totally dependent on others.

As for the chronic pain, I know that I've had Fibromyalgia since I was a teenager, but it wasn't diagnosed until much later. The Osteoarthritis was diagnosed when I was around 21 or 22. Way too early but it was an explanation for some of the pain that I was having since I was a teen.


The pain and discomfort is with me everyday and it's taken me a few years to come to terms with it, after living with it for half of my life. But I have. I'm not accepting that it will always be, because life can change, I'm just accepting it for the time being. If I dwell on the pain and and what I can't do, my life will have unacceptable limitations.

Limits are hard for many to accept, including myself. Especially when trying to live life to the fullest.

What I can and have done is find ways around the physical pain. This meant changing my daily and weekly schedule. It meant changing how and when I exert myself. From exercise to household chores, to socializing. It meant continuing to build a new career for myself and not just taking any job that paid the bills. Which I know can be impossible for some. However know my limits and physically exerting myself, past those limits, can put me out of commission for a good week or more.


I'll be riding this until the ground is covered in snow/ice. I can't ride every single day like I want to, but I do what my body allows.


What I do, to accept how my body is, at this point in time.

I look for a highlight or something to be thankful for in each day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dancing around in delight because I love being in pain and having limitations on what I can do, but I need to try to keep myself going. At times it can be extremely challenging, mentally and physically but I make myself do it. Thankfulness can be as simple as taking beautiful pictures by the river, to receiving a surprise package in the mail, to spending a fun afternoon with family and friends. Where ever you have to pull gratefulness from, pull it, appreciate and learn from it!

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