Writer’s Group & Pet Dental Care

My writer's group has wrapped up for 2013. A little sad, but Christmas is a busy time and everyone has a million things to take care of. I did get some good feedback on my forward/afterword of my book. I have a lot of editing to do for that, so it's ready to go at the start of 2014. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Side note to an earlier post. I called the vet to find out the average price of teeth cleaning for a cat without extraction. Around $500, with extractions $1000. I knew it would be expensive but damn! Anyway I would like her to have more then 1 fang at 15, so I don't have much choice. I did enter a contest where the grand prize is money towards vet services. So that would be a bonus, if I won. Here's the link to Royal Canin Canada, if you're interested. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Anyway, not much else is going on, still in the wait stage of what's is up and coming. Have a great Wednesday! Till next time, Nadia