Happy New Years, Almost

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took a week off, because it was Christmas last week and quite frankly I didn't have anything to blog about. Just resting and catching up with life. I'll do my best to get back to blogging twice a week. Hopefully on Tuesdays and Fridays. Or if something great happens on another day, I'll blog then. I also want to start to vlog a little more. Not about me, because I'm not a fan of me in pictures/video. But again I'll see with time and if I can figure out the video editing, with minimal frustration. I'll see how things are with school, the days may change.

Kai soft

I will be staying home tonight, because New Year's Eve is one of the days that I have no desire to be on the streets with the many unfortunate drunk drivers. Have a safe and happy New Year. Please don't forget to arrange a bed, hotel, bus, taxi or designated driver, if you're drinking.

Till next time,