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I haven't been this happy to see a Friday in a long time. Even on a test day. The first of many. But I didn't care because, it's Friday! Even waking up to a temperature of -18, with a wind chill of who knows what, couldn't make me feel any less thrilled. Does that tell how academically confusing my week has been? Anyway it's over, sort of. I have a ton of work to get done this weekend but at least I can do it in the comfort of my home, in the most comfortable clothes that I have. Meaning pajamas, in front of the fireplace, with snacks. DSC00245 Today is also Global Belly Laugh Day. Learn more @ Boy have a I needed to laugh this week, to get through, being so stressed with school. One of the ways was to simply watch Kai the cat, run from the living room, into the hallway, skidding on the hallway mat. She totally does this on purpose, over and over again, and loves it! I wish I could get in on video but she's totally random and as soon as the camera comes out, she's out. DSC00250 Is there anything that makes you bust out a huge belly laugh? Have a great weekend! DSC00252 Till next time,


Well it's the start of week 2 and I'm pretty sure I'm the only female in all of my classes. I'm still deciding if I care, but really I'm leaning towards not caring. The only competition at this point is with myself.

Lessons learned and things to remember throughout the rest of this school year:

* Stop over thinking everything. I tend to do this in life as well. Some things are really, that simple. I'm working on it. I spent the entire weekend, working and stressing over an in-class assignment that was not only simpler then I thought, but over and done with in 3 minutes. Yeah, grey hairs for nothing.

* Ask for help. I have been doing this, but not enough. Who cares what other people think. I'm here to learn and that involves a lot of questions. If I don't understand what is being taught or I'm lost in the middle of a lesson, I'm doing myself no favours by sitting there and saying nada.

* Realise that I'm not the only one who is lost or doesn't understand what is being taught.

* Lastly, have a nap on the weekend. At least one. I don't remember the last time that I had one. I don't have any kids to run after, so why not! Have a great Tuesday & if your neck of the woods is experiencing another cold snap, stay warm!


Till next time,