Managing School

It's been a while and I hope all of you are well! I'm glad that Friday is here, it's been a hectic and crazy couple of weeks but I'm alive albeit with a few extra grey hairs and a few pounds lost. If this was 10 years ago, I swear I would have quit my program because it was too hard, but I'm not giving myself the option. I'm going to be successful at it and restart a new career avenue. What have I changed? Just a few things that I think will make the difference in how the rest of this year continues:

early morning computer lab (640x480)

  • Exercising when I get home in the evening, instead of first thing in the morning. I rush too much when I do, and I will not wake up any earlier then 5 am. Exercise doesn't keep me awake, so that's not an issue.
  • I got a tutor for my Web Animation w/Flash class. I want to love that class, because I can see the potential of all that it can do, but the learning curve is not curving in my direction, yet. I have these animation ideas rattling around in my head, but to make it a reality it's going to take a while longer.
  • If the lab is available, when my last class is done, I stay. There is only 1 lab available with my program's, programs on them. This makes no sense what so ever, when there are classes in there all day long. The college needs to work on that. Keeping the momentum going is a big thing. If I stay at the school until 9, then at least I know I've made some dent in the sand.
  • Not stressing, much, because it's a distraction when I have a boatload of work ahead of me. Along with a lot of positive self talk. Stopping the negative thoughts from forming in my head and from leaving my lips. Don't get me wrong, I've come home and had fits and bouts of crying but never at school. I still don't see the point of crying but these days I seem to be making up for years of not crying. Oh well.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Till next time,