A Little Sunday Something

If you look closely you can see green, plum tomatoes. One of the only good reasons, to grin and bare the summer heat.

june 28 2014

Now: The goslings are miniature versions of their parents. It's been neat seeing them grow. Again I couldn't get closer because they started running as I got closer.june 27 2014 6

Before:June 6 3

Saturdays pot-garden yield. Well, some of it. I just picked what I was going to use.june 27 2014 june 27 2014 (2)

More of natures beauty.june 27 2014 8 june 27 2014 10

Have a great Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “A Little Sunday Something

  1. Love seeing the geese! We have a pond and have a pair of geese that come back every year, well I can't say for sure they are the same pair but I like to think they are. They made their way back this spring and even 'fought' off a second pair that were trying to share the pond.

    Around the time their eggs should have been hatching, we noticed the male goose was wondering around in our upper field, honking. My husband walked down and saw feathers everywhere. 🙁 I was very upset that mommy & the eggs didn't make it.

    1. Post author

      That's sad. It's hard when you see them everyday, become attached and then bad things happen. Thanks for stopping by!

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