Where Have All the Bees Gone?

I forgot to share our dressed up garbage truck this past Tuesday, Canada Day. I've never seen a flag draped across one before.

Canada Day garbage truck

Kai wants to know, what the heck happened to all of the bees?

june 30 2014 kai

I knew it was bad but now I'm noticing their absence in my own backyard. Literally. By this time of year, I've seen and taken hundreds of photos of bees around the yard and in the parks. (Still trying for the perfect shot.) I've seen 3 bees since April of this year. Only 1 last week. I do not know how people are not freaking out about this. I don't know how the governments around the world are not taking a collective stand against pesticides and whatever else is killing off the bees. And yes it is an issue that is just has important as war, famine, sexual explotation etc. If we don't have bees pollinating our crops, most of our food supply will be gone. Where are my bees? A Facebook page that I follow, concerning bees: Ma's Backyard Beez. A great resource and they link to great articles and other websites.

july 1 2014 rose 3Time for another library run. I renew the books 2-3 times, but I get them read. I finished The Amazing Absorbing Boy, by Rabindranath Maharaj.  An immigrant story about a teenager from Trinidad, who comes to Canada to be reunited with his absentee father and hopefully find better opportunities. It was a great read, until the end. Why? There was no real conclusion! Did the main character stay in Canada or go back to Trinidad? I guess I'm left to fill in the blank.

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4 thoughts on “Where Have All the Bees Gone?

  1. I agree about the bees, this is a serious problem that nobody wants to do anything about. I've spent the year thinking about it and while I'm still undecided, I think I want to have my own hive(s) in the backyard. It isn't a fix, and I'll have a lot of learning to do first, but I think if I can provide a habitat, that's gotta help.
    Love the garbage truck! I've never seen that - fantastic!

    1. Post author

      Having a hive or two is something that I'd like to accomplish one day, as well. I think it would be a helpful adventure, if I could keep them alive and thriving.

  2. We have honeybees at my community garden that we just got this year, and it's making me realize that last year I don't remember seeing many bees around the garden at all. There have to have been some, because everything was getting pollinated and growing last year, but having a full hive there just made me realize how bad things probably were last year. There's so much going wrong in our environmental policy and food system and bees are so high on that list! Definitely part of why I'm planning to get a degree in sustainability and do my little bit to save the world.

    1. Post author

      It's crazy, I'm thinking of actually doing a weekly bee count, to see how bad it is by the end of the warm season. That's awesome that your going to get a degree in sustainability. That was something that I was looking into a several years ago.

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