Kai’s Annual Vet Visit

It was about a month late this year, but with good reason. She's healthy, although at the top of what her weight should be, 11 lbs. She didn't need any shots, or blood drawn. Her rabies vaccine is good until 2017. I was happy to find out that the rabies vaccine is the only one required for domestic and international flights. A certificate was provided, although I'm going to bring her passport in, closer to when I leave and have the office fill it out.  I'm moving out West sooner then anticipated. More on that later when work, business, and moving comes together.

(Warming up before heading out to the vet)






Overall her annual checkup went well. I love my vet, and Kai does too (despite her growls and hisses). Thank you Dr. Taylor for your care over the last 5 years!

(It wasn't that bad Kai)


Till next time,


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